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General Questions

Caldoc is an online platform that connects patients and health care providers.
A consult is when a patient sends a consultation request to a health care giver.
You earn money as a provider when a client pays for a consultation.
Your registration must be verified before you can get a consult request.
Upon successful registration, your profile will be displayed on the platform so patients can see and send a consult request.
1. Login to your account.
2. You should see the list of all your consult requests. You can either Accept, Decline or Reshedule the appointment.
3. If you decide to accept the request, contact the patient immediately and confirm appointment.
4. After consultations, ensure the patient clicks the Release Payment button for your account to be credited.

NB: Once you accept a consult request, the applicable fee is withdrawn from patient's account and held until you have provided the service.
If a patient refuses or forgets to release the money to you, Caldoc will automatically release the money to you after 72hrs.

If the patient has a complaint about your service, he/she is expected to make a complaint within 72hrs and the matter resolved withing the same time frame.

Account Questions

No you cannot. This is to ensure a secure platform for all users.
To change any information already registered, send a mail to
Go to Practice page and click on the image you see there.
There are 3 main reasons why your picture will not upload on imieti.
1. The picture size is more than 500Kb
SOLUTION: Change to picture of less than 2.5Mb.

2. The picture type is not allowed.
SOLUTION: Only pictures in the following formats are allowed: jpeg, jpg, png.

3. The picture is of unknown format.
SOLUTION: Take a screen shot of the picture you want to upload and try uploading the screen shot.

If you have tried all these and its still not working, send a mail to and a technical person will be available to help you out.

Payment Questions

Go to your Wallet and click Request Payout.

If you have not yet updating your bank account details, you will be requested to do so.

Imieti will never share your information with a third party
Your bank account will be credited on the next working day.
No, this is not allowed.
Your account will be banned if it is discovered you received money directly from a patient.
It is very rare that this happens and may be due to the following reason:
The next day after the payout request was made is a public holiday.

In the event that this happens, please send a mail immediateley to and your account will be credited immediately

The referral program

The referral program allows you to invite your colleagues to join Caldoc, using your unique referral link.
You earn 1% of the winnings from every player that signed up through your referral link.
Go to Referral Link to copy your link and send out to friends and colleagues.
Yes you can.
Go to Referral Link to see the current message and edit it.

The e-Shop

e-Shop is the proposed online market place for goods and services associated with daily draws.
The e-Shop will offer players of daily draws a one-stop market place where they get goods and services at good bargain price.

Goods and services will be offered at discounted prices.
Fellow players like you will be the primary sellers on e-Shop.

Manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers as well as primary providers of services will also be given the opportunity to own a shop on the platform.

Players who have goods and/or services to sell, at below-market price, are invited to apply for a space on e-Shop.
If you're interested, Click here.